‘Nduja ‘n Hummus

Fresh sausage, tepary hummus, raw farm veggies, za’atar bread

Garden greens, artichoke hearts, red onion, olives, Mama Lil’s peppers, feta cheese, sherry vinaigrette

Hassayampa Vineyards & Farms, AZ, Semi-firm & creamy – pairs with Tarzan Red

Mint chocolate, caramel, lavender malvasia, vanilla, or lemon pomegranate

Garden squash, warm cookie, cajeta, Merkin gelato

Chocolate brownie, peanut butter ganache, Merkin gelato

Seasonal Merkin Orchard fruit, house crumble, Merkin gelato

House butter & olive tapenade

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Beemster, Holland Firm & robust – pairs with Dos Ladrones